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Due to human activity in space the earth has been hit by an asteroid. Humanity has almost disappeared except you in your bunker, and after long and difficult years it is time for you to go out, your survival depends on it.

You did not imagine such a report, an impact winter settled, the soil and the water were contaminated. In front of your bunker remains the bones of a man in a space suit, the birds of prey probably took care of the rest.


The game is still in development, the content is currently poor, the optimization is non-existent so the game can contain any kind of bug, be indulgent and see the future.


When you look at the stars it inspires you, it makes you think. So when the stars fall on you and the sky goes on fire it makes you think as much. It is not just spatial human activity, but global human activity that is not going in the right direction and could cause our loss. I do not totally agree with people with bunkers, but in their own way they are aware that something is wrong. So like them and in your way please think about it.


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could you please add left/up movement (can only move down and, to an extent, to the right)

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Thanks ! I had set aside the controls, they were temporary and only compatible with my keyboard layout (azerty), you can now move in all directions, for more details you can watch the latest devlog.